Scotia Community Services District owns and operates the wastewater treatment plant and collections system within the subdivided and transferred phases of the subdivision (currently Phase 1). The current system includes a central wastewater treatment facility, full sewer, and collection system were installed in the 1950’s.

The facilities are permitted through the State of California’s Regional Water Quality Control Board – North Coast Region. The system and facilities must also comply with the Federal Clean Water Act.

Collection system infrastructure upgrades are required through the Town of Scotia LLC’s subdivision process and are being upgraded through each phase of subdivision. Relocation of the residential/commercial lines to the Scotia CSD public right-of-way, using 6-inch minimum diameter pipe; replacement of all service laterals using 4-inch minimum diameter pipe and the installation of service cleanouts; and installation of new manholes and cleanouts in residential and commercial areas;

As of the end of 2017, Scotia CSD holds responsibility for the wastewater collection system infrastructure in Phase 1, with Phase 2 projected for acceptance in early 2018.

Due to the age of the treatment plant and the need for modern upgrades to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the SCSD plans to replace the current treatment plant, estimated at 3 million dollars. This project is estimated to begin within the first 5 years of operations (2021).

The 2017 Wastewater Treatment Plant Annual Report can be found here.

For more information, please contact Scotia CSD.