Scotia’s water source is the Eel River. Water is pumped from an infiltration gallery, built in 1965, deep under the river where the natural filtration of the river’s gravel bed starts the filtration process. The water is then pumped to treatment facilities on the east side of Highway 101. After treatment and filtration, potable water and fire protection water flow, by gravity, to the community.

Some of the system components were built and installed as early as the 1930’s and upgrades are needed. Those upgrades are planned to take place over the next several years.

Water distribution system infrastructure upgrades are required through the Town of Scotia LLC’s subdivision process and are being upgraded through each phase of subdivision. As of the end of 2017, Scotia CSD holds responsibility for the water distribution system infrastructure in Phase 1, with Phase 2 projected for acceptance in early 2018.

Due to the age of the treatment plant and the need for modern upgrades to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the SCSD plans to replace the current treatment plant, estimated at 2 million dollars. This project is estimated to begin within the first 5 years of operations (2021).

Water provided by the SCSD must meet certain state requirements for health and safety standards. The 1996 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments require all community water systems to report annually to their customers regarding the quality of their drinking water and any risks associated with contaminants detected in the water.

The Annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is issued on July 1st, for the prior calendar year.

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Hard copies of CCRs can be picked up at the:

Scotia Community Services District office
400 Church Street
Scotia, CA